No wonder……

No doubt it’s a question that you’ve often asked yourself: “Why do binoculars cost so much?”.

Of course, many people can get by with fairly inexpensive optics for much of the time. However, if you’re seriously into an outdoor activity such as deer stalking or bird spotting, having a top of the range binocular easily to hand is only going to enhance your stalking or spotting opportunities.

But why are they so expensive? OK, so with the very best optics, you are paying not only for the very best glass, but the ultimate in polishing techniques, decades of research into lens coatings, maximum light transmission, true colour rendition and distortion-free viewing.

Swarovski’s EL Swarovision binocular models are universally popular, and they are right at the ‘top of the tree’ in both quality and price. But still, aren’t they just a couple of tubes – OK, magnesium alloy ones, with a tough rubber armouring – with a few lenses stuck in them?


EL elements

At last count I had detected just 183 component parts; but I may be mistaken, as I was starting to get a little cross-eyed!

What else in the world is there that is as compact as a Swarovski binocular, yet consists of so many component parts? I realise that there must be quite a few, but I’m struggling to think of any.