Stalking & Hunting

Stalking & Shooting in the UK:
Deer Stalking Seasons in the U.K.
Scotlands West Coast
Shoreline Deerstalking
The Allure of Woodland Stalking
Why does deer stalking become so addictive?
Head Shots on Deer
The ethics of humane culling
Bullet Performance – or lack of…..
Strange reaction to a spot-on shot
Questions from Finland
about stalking/hunting practice in the U.K.
A Night Out With The Lads
Essential UK Firearms Laws
Hunting in Wyoming:
A Whitetail Double-Header
Wyoming, then on to Michigan
Red Cloud
a rifle built for out West
European Adventures:
The Luck of The Irish
Hunting in South Africa:
First Steps into Africa
Well, I’m back now, and my stalking friends are eager to know how things went. They don’t have to ask me – they just look at my ear-to-ear grin!
Dubula Mangi Hunt Report
Suddenly kudu start to appear in front of us. Dennie is watching through binoculars, and I have my rifle up and ready. “They are all big, mature cows,” says my PH. “There has to be a good bull somewhere.”