Swarovski ‘scope Q’s & A’s:

Q:   Just returned from the range were I come across a “problem/nuisance” with my Swarovski Z6 5-30×50 ‘scope. At 600m I am out of elevating setting and using the lowest line on the BRH reticule. Have I mounted it wrong or is that the range for that specific scope? – Gerry F

A:  I am afraid that this is not a fault with the ‘scope.
Up to now Swarovski ‘scopes have very much been designed with hunting rather than target shooting in mind. So, yes, about 600m is the maximum you would expect with the BRH reticle.
Of course, there are ways around that. If you are doing a lot of long-range work, you could investigate getting a Picatinny rail with built-in MOA to mount the ‘scope on. Other options are to reduce the magnification, or to ‘base zero’ at a longer range. One other with which a few have been successful is to have the Ballistic Turret retro-fitted. With the combination of Turret adjustment & graduated reticle, you may be able to get out to the 1,000 yard mark, but this will depend a little on calibre & ammunition.

Q2: Aaaah, ok then. Now how much would it be to get the BT fitted and would it definitely take me further than 600m?
Part of my problem is my Rem700 .308 prefer the 180gr above the lighter ones. Oh and how long would it take to get it fitted mail time included?
Oh sorry just for my own interest would you happen to know what the MOA is on the 5-30X50?

A2:  If you are getting out to ~ 600m with the BRX reticle, the Ballistic Turret is most definitely going to give you more range. Typically you get about 290 to 300° of turn on the turret, with 3 clicks giving you just over 1 MOA. I don’t have a BT ‘scope here at the moment, so I can’t tell you how many clicks you would get in a 300° rotation.
I am sure that with a .308 and 180g ammunition, you are not going to make it to 1,000m without further adjustments as mentioned in my previous email.
Cost for the retro-fit is £200, & this would usually take about 4 weeks (it goes back to the factory in Austria).
One further thing to note: at the moment, each click of elevation adjustment is giving you an impact point correction of 5mm at 100m. The Ballistic Turret works on 10mm at 100m per click.
In answer to your last question: the 5-30×50 has a maximum elevation adjustment of ~ 25 MOA at 30x, up to ~ 43 MOA at 5x

Follow on: Gerry F has decided to try a 20 MOA Picatinny rail, and will be trying various lighter .308 ammunitions for a flatter trajectory.

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