Swarovski’s amazing optics

Swarovski’s official ‘tag’ line is: “SEE THE UNSEEN!

Here are three more that we like:

“This is the difference between ‘maybe’ and ‘definitely’!”  –  South African Professional Hunter

“Rolls Royce – the Swarovski of automobiles”  –  Anon

“Wow! This is better than real!”  –  young lad at the British Shooting Show

One customer of mine is a very keen bird watcher, spending much of his free time in a hide on the south-east cost of the UK. He purchased a Swarovski ATX 95 spotting ‘scope from me; and this has resulted in two of his friends following suit. I just received this email from him:
“The word has got round in the hides that 95 mm scope is the one to have for sea watching. Tony has taken a fair bit of banter about his new scope eg. Someone remarked that he sees the birds so early that they will take another day to arrive and when he spotted a swallow another comment was ” is it sitting on a power line in France ?” Yesterday there were four 95 atx scopes in the hide !!!!”