The Stalking Blog: October 2015

The first half of October: when’s the rut going to get going?

I said it last month, & I’ll repeat it this month: Rut – what rut? Although regular grunting has started in the main ‘rutting pit’, much of the rest of the estate remains eerily silent! Sitting up at first light in spots where I’m sure to hear a buck making his presence know have produced nothing…
Nevertheless, the stalking has been good, with a steady stream of prickets and cull bucks heading into the chiller.
Pete P started the ball rolling with a morning of October 1st ‘double’, which included a buck with a badly deformed spike antler that we had unsuccessfully tried to get on to on a couple of previous occasions. Both Pete’s pricket VIDEO and the spike buck VIDEO are on the YouTube channel….
There have been a couple of evenings when we’ve been on the point of having to call it a day, but have ended up with a shot. Alex R was lucky that the pricket we were watching decided to walk directly towards us as the light faded VIDEO.
Antler rattling has met with mixed success. When it works well, the reaction/action can be quite dramatic. Alun M was fortunate to get a second chance at a pricket that responded, and came straight to our high seat VIDEO – and then Alun did his best to scare it away!
Chris L rounded off the first half of the month with a morning double. After sighting one of our ‘master bucks’ – a white monster! – Chris was spot on with a pricket VIDEO. Later on that morning, we crept up the banked field, and got on to another white buck, with vastly inferior head gear….

Chris L's pricket 10.10.15

Chris L’s pricket 10.10.15