Waxing lyrical

When advertising copywriters wax lyrical over the finer points of whatever it is they are endeavouring to promote, the results are often more baffling than informative. When the script has to then be translated into a foreign tongue, amusement can be an unintentional consequence. The following are extracts from a Dynamit Nobel catalogue, extolling the virtues of RWS bullets…..

The ‘DK’ bullet “features reliable shot performance, short fleeting distances, cut hair at the entry site, reliable bullet exiting due to the jacketed tail core, gentle treatment of the meat and optimal culinary yield.”!

The ‘KS’: “The well-thought out balance between tombac jacket and core material provides flexible adaptation to the target resistance.”

The ‘TIG’ “is particularly well suited for weak or average hoofed game.”

and finally…. The ‘MJ’: “Slight – though in terms of detail – important modifications lure the utmost out of your gun while disregarding target ballistics.”

Speaking of the differences in understandings between different countries, a jacket was recently returned from England to its manufacturer in Denmark, with the comment that “the zip has gone”. Back came a puzzled reply: “No, the zip is still there!”